Ordered activation ball and it was already falling into pieces when it arrived. I asked for a refund and they said it was refunded in August and I never received it.

I checked my paypal and they said they never processed a refund, conscious pets could not produce a receipt transaction number for the refund and could not be chased up. SCAM!

Do not buy from them!!! Was delivered in a a kids toy bag and a massive choking hazard for dogs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Conscious Pets Milo Activation Ball Pet Toy.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Store Location: Sydney, New South Wales

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DO NOT BUY from this company. Ordered several toys and boots.

Boots never arrived. One ball broken and they sent another which doesn’t work. The Hamster battery compartment screw will not unscrew. Tried all different screw drivers but can’t get it out.

I was told to send them a picture so I did. I kept getting emails that my complaint was being reviewed every time I emailed to see where my refund was. After 7 months of no credit I emailed again and there reply was it was over the 180 warrantee date.A waste of almost $100.00.

The products and service are horrendous. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!


Literally in the midst of fighting for a refund for the exact same reason. It took them 2 months to respond to our initial inquiry and then had the audacity to say it wasn't requested within the 14 day return window.

Mind you, the product itself was broken and hazardous to both small dogs and babies!

At this point, I have a very serious issue with the company itself and am appalled they are still an active business. How can we inform future potential customers of these ridiculous products and help save any other animals?


Same story, different customer. Hard to get hold of these people.

The stupid ball was so poorly wrapped that it came broken. When I finally got their attention, they said the would replace with something of my choice, so I picked a raincoat, size small. When that didn’t arrive I had to contact them again. Finally I got the replacement raincoat ...

size LARGE for a 7 pound dog. I contacted them again and again no refund but I could choose something else. No thanks. The products are very cheap, customer service sucks ...

total time from placing order in February ...

almost five months. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!


Best way to get a refund is to open a paypal dispute. Worked for me and received refund once paypal got involved.

Sandra L

They talked me into a second delivery (goods have not arrived) instead of a refund (second trial also not arrived)… dispute was of course closed and now after discussing for months they say: It is more than 180 days we cannot refund anymore. What cheek!


I had the exact experience. I’ve been trying to review the product on their website but unfortunately they do not allow reviews to be posted?

This toy was horrendous. A complete piece of trash that has pieces that fall off constantly! I emailed and they said I could put the plastic “legs” back in... but that’s not the point!

If they are falling out as my dog is playing with them, she will eat them! Do not buy this toy!

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