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I have 2 Springers and bought the Milo activation toy and 2 green DIY toothbrushes for them to use. I waited 18 business days to receive the products (didn't realize they came from China).

When the package arrived, 1 DIY toothbrush was missing from the package. I emailed customer service and they were out of stock so gave me a store credit to purchase another product. I gave the other DIY toothbrush to my dog and within 5 min it was falling apart! The Milo activation ball was junk!

It didn't bounce, is held together by a tiny plastic pieces and the material is cheap plastic. This is unsafe for a dog as the battery compartment can easily be accessed by a dog, the legs can come off of the ball and is a complete choking hazard. I'm so disappointed as I really was hoping they had good quality products like their website indicated. I also bought the car seat leashes and bungee walking leash and praying those will work.

If you are unhappy with the products you have to pay to ship them back to China! I wouldn't recommend buying toys from this company since they come from China with low quality standards.

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We ordered one also, it is JUNK . Our cavalier chewed a piece off of with in 3 minutes.

Do not buy this product. A waste of money plus took a month and a half to get it.


I too ordered the Milo Ball. I waited almost a month for the piece of junk to arrive.

When it did, it didn't move.

It just stayed still and shook. I contacted them and asked for a replacement....and it's been almost 3 weeks again.

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